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Mounting Instructions

For proper bond, mirrors, helmet & adhesive must be between 50 & 100 degrees F.
Bond Strenth: 50% after 20 minutes, 90% after 24 hours, 100% after 72 hours.
  • Remove mirror & adhesive from packaging
  • Peel back one side of adhesive protection film on mounting pad
  • Adhere to mirror base with firm pressure

Place Helmet on Head
  • Locate object approximately 50' away
  • While facing directly away from object, assume a riding or use position for activity been performed
  • With one hand position mirror base on helmet in your forward peripheral vision (See pictures on other side for typical locations)
  • While holding mirror in position, rotate head slightly off center
  • Slide mirror base around while adjusting mirror to focus in on object

With helmet on, place a small location mark with marker
  • Remove helmet and clean mirror mount area of any foreign materials (Oil, Mud, Grease, etc.)
  • Remove remaining adhesive protection film from mount
  • Reposition mirror to marked location with very light pressure
  • Place helmet back on head and recheck position
Once position of mirror is checked, apply firm pressure to mount to achieve proper bond.

Bug Eyes use a glass mirror for optical clarity and could shatter if struck with a hard blow.

Therefore they should not be used unless some form of safety eye protection is between them & your eyes (Goggles/Shield/Safety Glasses).

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