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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will "BUGEYES" work on any type of helmet?
"BUGEYES" work best on "hard-shell" helmets. Helmets with a flexible outer surface are not an ideal mounting surface and therefore not a recommended application. "BUGEYES" were designed primarily for helmet necessary motorized sports, but can be used on any "hard-shell" helmet.

2. Can "BUGEYES" be removed and/or moved to another helmet?
Yes, "BUGEYES" can be removed without damage to any factory-applied finish. Each "BUGEYE" is shipped with 3 adhesive pads. One already attached to the base, and two additional pads enclosed in the plastic packaging bubble. The additional adhesives can be used to move it to a new location, be it on one helmet or to another. To remove a "BUGEYE", apply pressure to one side of the base, this will tilt the base ever so slightly, compressing one side of the adhesive and ever so slightly stretching the other. On the stretched side, slip a thin blade between the adhesive pad and base of the "BUGEYE". This will release the adhesive bond and the "BUGEYE" will be removed. Do not try to release the bond between the adhesive pad and the helmet. This action could possibly cause damage to the helmet finish. Once the base is removed, the adhesive can be rolled off with your thumb. It is recommended that adhesive pads be used only once.

3. Do you recommend one or two "BUGEYES" per helmet?

Think of rearview mirrors on a car. The left side is most important and a driver today has grown dependent on checking in the left mirror prior to lane changes or turns. The right side is optional. However, once you are a "BUGEYES" user you will find that having a mirror on the right side is desirable, again, just like on a car. Being able to look left and right to view what is behind you increases comfort and safety. Besides, two look better on the helmet! "BUGEYES" have been designed to work on either side.

4. What type of mirror lens is used in "BUGEYES"?
"BUGEYES" are made with a surgical quality flat glass lens. While developing "BUGEYES" experimentation was done with mirrors of many types of materials (glass and plastic) and styles (flat, convex, and concave). Research finding concluded that eye fatigue was a factor when any object distortion was present in a device placed in such close proximity to the human eye. Image clarity is an important feature of "BUGEYES".

5. Can "BUGEYES" be removed for storage purposes?
"BUGEYES"were designed with two points of articulation. A ball and socket at thebase, and second ball and socket on the mirror housing. Not only does this allow for infinite adjustability when in use, but the design also includes a "fold back" feature for easy storage and times when not in use. "BUGEYES" are designed to be "user friendly".

6. Do "BUGEYES" come in other colors?
As Henry Ford once said, "You can have it in any color you want, so long as it is black". At the present time black is our only color. As our sales volumes increase, other colors may become possible. We will keep our web visitors posted on product changes and enhancements.

7. Are "BUGEYES" guaranteed?
Yes, "BUGEYES" come with an unconditional one-year warranty. If not completely satisfied, return the "BUGEYE" to Turnco for a full refund - less any shipping and handling fees.

8. Does Turnco Inc., make any other types of recreational products?
As of February 2001, Turnco does not have any other products ready for market. Two additional products are in the product development cycle and will be announced, as each becomes available.

9. Can I buy "BUGEYES" at my local motorcycle/snowmobile/ATV dealer?
We are working each day to open dealers throughout the country and the world! Check under "Dealers" here at our website, to see if we have a dealer in your area. If not, we suggest that you have your local dealer get in touch with us. "BUGEYES" can always be ordered directly from us. Our "shipping and handling" charges are very reasonable.

"BUGEYES" - Because they work!

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