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New adhesive-mounted rearview mirrors enhance operator comfort and safety in any sport requiring Helmet wear.

TURNCO, INC., Hamburg, Michigan, September 1997, has announced availability of an innovative new adhesive-mounted rearview mirror designed to be mounted on safety helmets used in snowmobiling, motorcycling, bicycling, in-line skating, and any other sport requiring wearing a helmet with a safety sheild. Marketed under the trademark "Bug Eyes", the new rearview mirrors provide helmet wearers with rear vision at a glance and eliminate the need to turn the head and its attendant danger.

"Bug Eyes" were developed by snowmobile enthusiast who engage in long, cross-country expeditions though wildernes areas where constant attention to the terrain is essential and any accident is potentially life threatening. They are designed to overcome the need to constantly look over the shoulder to determine the location of other expedition members.

"Taking your eyes off the trail for even a second or two can be very dangerous," explained Turnco spokesperson "but so can losing a member of your group. Mirrors mounted on the vehicle tend to be easily damaged and are often hard to use effectively. A helmet-mounted rearview mirror seemed like a natural solution, but finding an effective answer to the problem of mounting one was a lot more difficult than we ever imagined".

"We finially found the answer," the spokesperson continued, "in a high-strength adhesive invented by 3M. When used according to instructions, it provides an extremely strong attachment without damage to the helmet that has proven its durability in hundreds of hours of real-world testing."

"Once that problem was solved," The engineer added, "we went through several design iterations before arriving at the final "Bug Eyes" product that is now available. It looks very simple, but there were literally hundreds of hours of engineering involved in creating and perfecting the design. Since we were the primary product testers, we didn't settle for second best in any aspect ot the design".

"Bug Eyes" uses a glass mirror which offers distortion-free viewing to combat eye fatigue, and a double-swivel mount that permits infinite positioning once the adhesive pad is affixed to the helmet. The design is highly aerodynamic, and is easily swiveled out of the way for helmet storage.

"Bug Eyes" are supplied blister-packed on individual, pre-punched four-color printed cards for easy display and merchandising. Each package contains complete installation instructions, and extra adhesives pads. Suggested retail price for "Bug Eyes" is $19.95 in the United States. Dealer and distributor inquiries are welcome.

TURNCO, INC. designs and manufactures innovative outdoor recreation products for a variety of sports and activities. Company principals are dedicated outdoor enthusiasts who personally test and develope the products marketed by TURNCO.

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